We’ve Got You Covered

Initial Setup

ChargePoint offers world-class service products and support to meet your needs at every stage of the EV charging experience. From site planning to installation and set up, to ongoing care, when you choose ChargePoint, you’re covered.

Initial Site Setup

Accurate site qualification, quality site preparation and professional installation are crucial for the ongoing reliability of your EV charging stations. To ensure your stations are installed with the highest quality standards at the lowest possible cost, ChargePoint has partnered with a nationwide network of operations & maintenance (O&M) professionals to provide you with high-quality design and installation services. Our ChargePoint trained and certified partners are contractually committed to offering the highest level of certified services at a competitive benchmarked price. Due to their advanced training and expertise, choosing a ChargePoint O&M partner automatically qualifies your stations for ChargePoint® Assure® on site maintenance and management plan purchases.

Initial Activation and Configuration

ChargePoint’s solutions are versatile and can be customized to meet your charging goals. With the purchase of ChargePoint’s Activation and Configuration service, a specialist will consult you directly to guide you in the set-up and activation of your stations.
Based on your needs, we’ll set up all your charging policies as well, including pricing, access control, administration rights, advertisements and more. In addition, we’ll provide you with the kind of expert advice on best practices that comes from establishing and operating the world’s largest EV charging network.

Ongoing Support

Standard Warranty

ChargePoint offers best-in-class hardware and industry leading support. Our standard warranty is one year parts only when installed by a ChargePoint Certified Installer. We strongly recommend upgrading your standard warranty to ChargePoint’s Assure maintenance and management plan for a comprehensive, turnkey, hassle-free station ownership experience.

ChargePoint Assure

ChargePoint Assure is the most comprehensive EV station maintenance and management program in the industry. Assure enhances your standard parts warranty with dispatched labor at committed service levels to perform on-site repairs, as well as a long list of additional features. Should a charging station fail due to a manufacturing defect, the ChargePoint Support team will come to your site to repair or replace the station. You may purchase up to five years of ChargePoint Assure coverage on ChargePoint stations.

Additional Assure features include:

  • 24X7 proactive station health monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting and support during business hours
  • Dispatch of technicians when required for on-site repairs within one (1) business day for on-site repairs once the required parts are received by the customer or ChargePoint’s service partner
  • Unlimited software configuration changes
  • 98% annual uptime guarantee with financial penalty for non-performance
  • Monthly reports and detailed quarterly reports of your station’s usage and performance metrics
  • Coverage of labor for repairs typically not covered under standard warranty such as vandalism, abuse and accidents

In order to purchase ChargePoint Assure, your installation must be validated in one of two ways

  1. Use a ChargePoint O&M partner to perform your site make-ready and station installation. Our expert, fully trained O&M partners will ensure that your charging stations are properly installed and validated.
  2. If you choose not to use a ChargePoint O&M partner to prepare the site, ChargePoint’s Station Installation and Validation Services allow you to use your own contractor to prepare the site. Once the site is prepared, we will visit your site and perform a quality inspection to ensure it meets ChargePoint’s technical and operational standards and install your stations. In addition to qualifying your site for purchase of ChargePoint’s Assure maintenance and management plan, Site Validation allows you to rest assured that your station’s infrastructure and installation were performed correctly. The final validation of the site preparation and station install will qualify the station for Assure both during the warranty period and for continuing Assure coverage should you desire to purchase it.