5 Places to Charge Your EV for More Holiday Fun

EV Life | 11/20/2018

Great Destinations You Can Explore While Charging

As the holidays go into overdrive, you're probably grabbing a charge wherever you can, at the mall, at the grocery store or in front your favorite coffee spot. With so many options now, charging on the go makes the season a lot smoother.

My holidays are packed with outings, loading family and friends into my electric vehicle. So I love finding spots where I can park and charge while we're off having fun. 

This season, you'll find more theme parks, stadiums, museums and parks providing charging, knowing you'll be parked for a while. I use the ChargePoint app to find stations near where we're headed.  

Here are five places where holiday family fun and EV charging go hand in hand. 

Theme parks 

A lot of theme parks make it easy to drive electric. Six Flags, Legoland and Disney theme parks all offer EV charging. For most families, a day at a theme park can be a very special outing, and now chasing thrills has never been so electrifying. 

Plug into the magic at Disneyland

Parks and recreational areas 

Many state and national parks provide charging stations. With our handy app, you can find parks and recreation areas that provide easy charging. And a little outdoor activity helps work off those extra holiday treats!

Charging while visiting a park


I love taking out-of-towners to a local museum. During the holidays, it's an easy trip that everyone can enjoy. From The Broad in Los Angeles to the Museum of Science in Boston, you’ll find EV charging at museums across the US. 

Charging while visiting a museum

Arenas and stadiums 

I'm not a "sportsball" fan myself, but some of the biggest games of the year overlap with the holidays. Ballparks and sports arenas have been leading the way with EV charging. You’ll find spots to plug in at scores of stadiums, from Safeco Field in Seattle to Soldier Field in Chicago to Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. 

Charging while visiting a stadium


I make a lot of trips to the airport this time of year, shuttling folks back and forth. When a flight gets delayed or baggage takes forever, I like to top off my charge while we wait. From Logan to LaGuardia, Sky Harbor to SFO, most major US airports offer charging for electric vehicles. 

Charging while parked at airports

Are you charged up for the holidays? The ChargePoint app can find EV charging far and wide. You might be surprised by where you and your family end up.

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