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ChargePoint is not only the world’s largest EV charging network, but also the most open. Our OnRamp program enables third-party charging station manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively integrate their charging stations with the ChargePoint network. This extends market reach and increases the value of third-party stations by making them easier for station owners to manage and simpler for EV drivers to find and use. As a result, ChargePoint has more hardware partners than any other charging network.

OnRamp Partners

Hardware Manufacturer Partners

Why OnRamp?

Benefits to Station Manufacturers:

  • Access industry-leading features with our Cloud Plans: remote administration and software updates, power and energy management, access controls, Waitlist, reservations and pricing policies.
  • Integrate pre-packaged components using standard interfaces to enable fast time-to-market and keep development costs low.
  • Ensure successful integration and guarantee that features are implemented consistently across all brands with our comprehensive certification program.

Benefits to Station Owners:

  • Access the largest community of EV drivers and the leading mobile app for finding and using stations. Over 70% of new EV owners sign up with ChargePoint.
  • Set pricing and access control rules, as well as customize the notifications and advertisements on your stations.
  • Enjoy world-class support from the leading experts in EV charging, making station management hassle-free.
  • Stay focused on your business thanks to a superior driver experience and 24/7 driver support.
  • Automate payment services with a PCI compliant network that collects charging fees (including taxes if required) and sends remittances.

Partner Data Sheets

Station Manufacturer Output RPH* J1772 (AC) SAE COMBO* CHAdeMO* Links
7.2kW, AC 25     Datasheet
7.2kW, AC 25    

Single Pedestal Datasheet
Dual Pedestal Datasheet
Dual Wall Mount Datasheet

24kW, DC 100   Datasheet
50kW, DC 200  
(Dual Connector)

*CHAdeMO-compatible cars include the Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S (with adapter) and Kia Soul EV.

**SAE Combo–compatible cars include the BMW i3, Chevy Spark EV and Volkswagen e-Golf.

***RPH – Range Per Hour, the maximum miles of range per hour that the station can provide.

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